About Us

Our Facility

Located at 111 Golf Course Road, Suite 2, Grand Rapids, MN. (just downstairs from Northern Pines Orthopaedic Clinic), we are a modern clinic in the southwest part of the city.

We are dedicated to providing one-on-one care to our patients. That means from start to finish, you will be working with the same Physical Therapist.

Among the specialized equipment we offer are “unweighing” machines that allow you to gradually increase the weight on joints as you recover from sprains, injuries and surgeries. These can also be used on our treadmill so you can begin to exercise without putting the full weight of your body on a recovering joint or muscle.

Our business is growing as we strive to find ways to serve you better. We are planning to arrange for health coaching in the near future as well as a gym affiliation. We are also planning to introduce programs that focus on living with specific conditions, such as diabetes.

Our entire approach is about helping you become well again, and staying well. We will help you recover from your injury and then work to prevent it from re-occurring.

We treat clients of all ages, with a focus on manual therapy and one-on-one care. Our slogan is “Working Together For A Better You” because that is our mission, our vision, and the way we work daily.