For Patients

Your First Visit

At Alan’s Physical Therapy of Grand Rapids, our slogan  “Working Together For A Better You” is evident from your first visit. We want you to feel welcome and be able to build a partnership with us on your road to wellness. You will work with the same Physical Therapist from start to finish to enhance this relationship, and most of our therapies are delivered one on one.

For your first visit, you can expect to be thoroughly examined and assessed so that we can determine the best program to relieve your discomfort and restore your normal level of activity.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and be aware that your first treatment will likely also take place at this time.

You can avail yourself of our services without having a doctor’s referral, although one is often required from your insurance company.

Please bring any prescriptions and a list of medications you are currently taking, as well as an images (x-ray copies) or video graphs you might have received from your doctor. We will also need a photo identification and your insurance card. We accept most major insurance providers.